Top 5 Picks: Trader Joe’s Beauty

Like many, I love Trader Joe’s for its unique, high-quality, and healthy food and drink offerings. But I also really enjoy their selection of budget friendly beauty, bodycare and skincare. I don’t hear much talk about it online or in real life, but the alternative grocer definitely offers a handful of gems that deserve some attention. Here are my top 5 picks from the TJ’s beauty range. We’ll go left to right, top to bottom in the photo above, in no particular order of favorites.

  • Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover towelettes: A great makeup removing wipe with a light, non-offensive scent that leaves the face feeling fresh and not tight or overly dry. I use these most evenings just to get the bulk of my makeup off, then follow with a facial cleanser. I think this product also testifies to Trader Joe’s attention to trends and consumer interest. Micellar cleansers are everywhere right now, so I think it’s pretty cool of them to incorporate it into their selection.
  • Refresh Citrus Body Wash with Vitamin C: This is just a super simple liquid soap type of body wash with a lovely, light grapefruit scent. It gets me clean, smells nice, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling super dry after using it. It’s good and cheap products like this one that reminds me of how unnecessary it is to drop major cash on silly luxury brand name body washes.
  • Moisturizing Cream Shave – Honey Mango: This is possibly my favorite of the bunch! It is my favorite shaving cream that I’ve tried and gives me such a close shave! It’s moisturizing and smells delicious. I’m pretty prone to razor burn, but this stuff is so creamy and smooth it totally prevents those less-than-attractive red bumps and leaves my skin soft and awesome. Go get this now.
  • Nourish Shea Butter Hand Cream: Another really simple but good product. It’s not super thick and sinks into the skin quickly, so it’s really non-fuss to use throughout the day. Perfect to throw in your handbag. And it basically has no scent, which I like because I want my perfume to be the star of the show, not my hand cream… you know?
  • Natural Facial Cleaning Pads with Tea Tree Oil: This product is the newest to me of my top picks, but I’ve really been enjoying it. I love the concept of using tea tree oil in my skincare because of its natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is great for combating acne. However, I had tried using straight tea tree oil in the past and that was just too aggressive and drying for my already dry skin. However, these pads seem to be just the right “dose” of tea tree mixed with other good, clean ingredients. I use one pad all over my face after makeup-removal and cleansing. There is a tiny, satisfying “sting” when the product hits any open blemishes, which is how you know it’s doing its job and killing pesky bacteria.

Needless to say, a major perk of all of these products is their affordability. I also like knowing that they are part of a wholesome brand dedicated to health and quality ingredients. Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your thoughts were in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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