Songs to Dance to this Weekend (08.05.2016)

I have been compulsively organizing my music collection for some time now. I have a playlist that pairs perfectly with a glass of wine and a nice footrest after a long day, a playlist for those hot and sticky days at the beach, a playlist just for driving on sunny days, and a playlist just for driving at night. But there’s one playlist I’ve curated that gets more TLC from me than any of the others, and it’s called “Dancing and Jogging and Sometimes Cleaning.” I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but it’s basically a collection of all the songs that make me want to dance, and dancing makes me happy, so I guess you could say it’s a collection of songs that make me happy. And in the working-adult-world, we all need any excuse to dance and get a little happy, so here are some songs that I’ll be dancing to this weekend, and I invite you to join me! (Here’s a link to the entire playlist on Spotify!)

Grace Mitchell, “NoLo”

It’s literally the perfect comeback song.


MishCatt, “Devil’s Sugar”

It’s cool because MishCatt is from Costa Rica (and Costa Rica rocks), her album, “EP,” is extremely practically named, and also her album, “EP,” is very, very good.


Jagwar Ma, “O B 1”

I don’t know what the title means (is it a Star Wars reference? a new slang term the cool kids are using that I haven’t picked up on yet? an acronym for something stupid obvious that I’m missing?) but the song is great for some solid jamming, especially maybe in the car when you can’t actually dance but you still want to like, bob your head a little to something groovy. (Also they’re playing at FYF this year and guess who’s psyched af to see them? (It’s me)).


Shamir, “On The Regular”

“Haters get the bird, more like the eagle… Don’t try me I’m not a free sample… That’s my crown on the mantle, if you try to touch it, yes, there will be scandal…” (I don’t need to say anything here, that speaks for itself 100%).


Dagny, “Fool’s Love ft. BØRNS”

It kind of just makes you want to sing and jump around a little!

Maggie Rogers, “Alaska”

This one makes you want to dance but like maybe through an icy stream that takes your breath away? Or slowly, through westward water, over glacial plains? Basically, let’s dance and take an adventure, and that’s fine by me.


BØRNS, “American Money”

Speaking of BØRNS, I don’t care that “Dopamine” is coming up on its 1-year anniversary, it’s still one of my favorite releases of the last few years. All the track are good, but I’ve lately been really grooving to “American Money” because it’s kind of sexy and sometimes we just need a nice little escape, something nice to think about for while.

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