Little Things That Make Life OK

Because sometimes, in the midst of stressing out over “finding your passion” while working 40+ hours a week at your career track job and having anxiety attacks over everything from booking holiday travel plans to buying groceries (because who has the money for any of that?), it’s just nice to remember that behind all the chaos, there is magic.

This grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with macaroni and cheese with tomato soup as a dipping sauce.



When your cat lays within reach… And actually lets you pet him.



When your mom swears “she had no idea what it resembled when she bought it for you.”






When everyone on the pier is watching the sunset but you know if you face the other way you see this.



Little snaggle-toothed dogs that only pee on your lap a little (instead of a lot).



Live music (and well-designed posters for live music).



Going out with friends you don’t see nearly enough and getting appropriate documentation of the night.



When you make your friends wait in a stupid slow line to take stupid pictures with cardboard cutouts of your favorite stupid TV show.



When you’re being all smart and take a photo of where you parked but then your phone dies before you’re ready to leave.



When your cat judges you but he’s the one sleeping in a box.



When the bartender messes up so your classy flight of beer turns into a stage 1 bender.



Resurgences of the best parts of your childhood.



Setting up a rad temporary workspace to get shit really crackin’.



What are the little things in your life that make it ok?

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