Country Go Fest with Florida Georgia Line

Cowboys, Crooning, and Beer

Go Fest 2016, hosted by Southern California’s country music station 105.1, ended on Saturday Oct. 8. After a summer filled with country crooners, the festival played the last tune. It also took place at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater which is closing down. Not only was this the last country concert for Go Fest, it was the last concert to be held at this arena. And let me tell you, Florida Georgia Line brought the house down!

A little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, these two performers knew how to excite the crowd, getting us all to sing along to every word. With some work from their new album, fans got a taste of what to expect from the band- a lot more partying songs! Watching them perform live was a special treat, considering that just listening to the music on the radio, you can never tell which one is doing the singing.

Being able to watch the two men belt out their parts was a lot of fun. Seeing FGL live was full of electric energy, where the artists never stopped to take a breath. They fed off each other, and you could tell that they were meant to perform together. They also performed my favorite of any of their songs, Dirt, so that was my night highlight.  And although they were the last act, ending their set with Cruise kept everyone buzzing as we left the stadium.


But wait, there is more!

Cole Swindell, who has written some of Luke Bryan’s biggest hits (Roller Coaster is among them), also performed his biggest songs. The You Should Be Here songbird also engaged with the audience, keeping us on our feet even for the songs we didn’t know.  Two songs of his hits were crowd favorites, You Ain’t Worth the Whiskey and Hope You Get Lonely Tonight, both were sung by the crowd a little louder than usual. As I am sure, we were all singing it to an ex. His tone and voice make him stand out from all the other country male artists (sometimes they all begin to sound the same). Swindell has a lighter voice that can still get low enough to rumble throughout the amphitheater, which allows his music to stand out a little more than his counterparts.


Now, The Cadillac Three is new to me, but I really dig their rock vibe. Although it was a country concert, I could see this group playing at different rock festivals. And like I said, I don’t know this group, but their performance makes me want to get to know them. The stand out song for them was White Lightning, and I have had it on repeat since. Check them out, and decide for yourself!



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