5 Songs for the Week 10.18.2016

Christine and the Queens at the Theater at the Ace Hotel, 10.15.2016

You know that feeling when you go to Sephora and spent a little more money than you had planned and then you finally get around to trying said purchases and they’re actually perfect and you suddenly don’t feel so bad about spending your life savings on a lipstick and nail primer and top coat? It’s OK, neither does my Dad. But that’s just one of the perks of being a girl, I guess. When you find that perfect nail primer and top coat, you know your life has changed for the best. Just like when you hear these songs I’ve carefully curated for you for the rest of your week. I’ve covered everything from your weekend jam driving down the freeway to the quiet time by the fire spent with family and loved ones. Have a fabulous fucking week, everyone. (You can hear these songs and the rest of the music I’ve covered on The Sundaze on this playlist here).

“Be Wild ft. Alice Leigh” by Benny Casette Low key this was my jam this weekend. I drove from San Diego to LA and back to Orange County on Saturday and up and down 50 miles of PCH on Sunday and on more than one occasion I found myself saying, “I need to play that new ‘wild’ song right now!” As the sun was pouring in my sunroof, and the cool breeze was cutting through my open windows, it felt almost like the epitome of this song; being wild, being free.


“Orchids” by The Shacks The perfect jazzy ethereal fall jam. The breathy vocals and eclectic mix of background beats and melodies makes for a perfect cozy, slow moving song. Saxophone? Yes, please!


“T-Shirt” by Shortstraw Ahh, that classic beachy indie-rock sound. “You’re dancing to your favorite song, with nothing but a t-shirt on.” It’s almost like they’re singing about you, or me, or any of us. (And big shoutout to that album artwork!).


“Say Goodnight” by Haathi  The most awesome mix of indie rock and indietronica, with some guitar and down to Earth vocals, but the perfect complementing background pings and boings (super professional jargon, I know). And they’re from Los Angeles, so you know this is the best song to listen to on your beach cruiser gliding down the boardwalk watching the early sunset this week.


“Even Killers Need A Home” by bridges and powerlines  I grew up listening to Frightened Rabbit secretly (they said the f-word in their music!), but it was one of my first and most sacred exposures to that sort of raw indie-rock sound that I continue to crave to this day. bridges and powerlines is so highly reminiscent of early Frightened Rabbit I actually had to song-check and make sure it wasn’t them in an earlier time. It isn’t, and bridges and powerlines is a band with some small roots, but a new sound, making waves now. It’s hard not to find yourself nodding along to the music, and listening to the lyrics provides a whole new exercise in thinking and listening.


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