Music For Every Day This Week

For Monday (HALLOWEEN!): “Dead Alive” by The Shins

If this song isn’t played at whatever bar you’re at this Halloween, I’d just leave. Also just a cool song to play anytime.

For Tuesday: “I Am Not A Star” (ALBUM) by Girl Blue

Girl Blue (aka Arielle O’Keefe) takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride through a series of raw rock-pop tunes in her debut album “I Am Not A Star.” When you find out that the whole album was created by no more than three people, in a bedroom, without auto-tune or any budget, and released completely independently, the whole thing becomes even more impressive. “Some people think hard work is a montage in a movie” never seems to ring so true (‘Because It Moves Me’). With all its highs and lows and the honest, down-to-Earth lyrics, each song will take you on a trip through times in your own life, and it doesn’t hurt that O’Keefe’s vocals are naturally emotive and carry a certain depth that will really drive the lyrics home. Definitely an artist to keep on your radar for live performances in the coming months!

For Wednesday: “Human Ceremony” (ALBUM) by Sunflower Bean

In honor of night #2 of Red Bull Sound Select’s #30DaysinLA, I offer you Sunflower Bean. Speedy and melodic guitar riffs are the name of the game here, and you can’t go wrong with the slightly psychedelic vocals and beachy nostalgia. Their 2016 “Human Ceremony” is a vocal and instrumental music trip from start to finish and you’ll find yourself looping it over and over until you’re at The Roxy to hear it live.

For Thursday: “Lonely” by Colony House

Just a real solid rock jam from the band’s upcoming second album “Only The Lonely.” Intensity of sound and lyrics makes a bold statement. “When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.” – Tennessee Williams

For Friday: “Mr. Watson” by Cruel Youth

Cruel Youth is touring in support of kiiara, and in honor of their show at the Troubadour tonight, I’m spreading the good word which is “Mr. Watson,” and all of Cruel Youth. Impassioned lyrics, raw and smoky vocals, and a dreamy electropop production, it’s the perfect way to wind down a week and gear up for the weekend.

For Saturday: “Being No One, Going Nowhere” (NEW ALBUM) by STRFKR

Since we were too busy listening to kiiara and Cruel Youth on Friday, we missed the release of STRFKR’s “Being No One, Going Nowhere.” So we spend our Saturday listening to it. I’m preemptively blogging about how great it is, based on their singles, “Satellite,” “Open Your Eyes,” “Tape Machine,” and “Never Ever,” and I am 110% confident the other songs will not only perfectly mesh these songs together, but also stand alone as hits, and make us even more proud to be a fan of a band called “STRFKR.”



For Sunday: “Best of Bloodboy” by Bloodboy

I’ve bee listening to Bloodboy for a while (I blogged about her single “Human Female” here), and just today, I discovered that Bloodboy is the project of Lexie Papilion, who is from San Clemente, where I currently reside. It explains a lot, actually, because her singles were staples on my “Sunday Drives on PCH” playlists, and now we have a whole collection to listen to as we cruise up or down the coast with the windows down. In a series of songs that perfectly capture the mid-youth crisis, Bloodboy also shows off her incredible vocal range and impressive musicality, all in a neatly wrapped industrial-indie-pop finish.

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