VOTE TODAY: It Is Your Civic Duty

Although I’m sure you have already been sufficiently bombarded by messages urging you to vote today, I am going to voice my thoughts anyway (that’s what a blog is for, after all). But I’ll keep it short and sweet.

If you have already voted by mail or at a polling booth this morning, I commend you – congratulations. You have exercised your right, fulfilled your duty, voiced your valuable opinion. By casting your vote you have also gained an important privilege – to complain if tonight’s results aren’t to your liking.

But if you haven’t voted yet, go do it. Do it as soon as you can, because as the day drags on, the likelihood of you making it to a booth decreases by the minute.

If you don’t vote at all, you have no right to complain tomorrow about the election outcome. You have to live with your silence because you didn’t care enough about your country to speak your mind.

As a long-time permanent resident of this fine land, I would love to participate in this political event of a lifetime. But while I cannot vote myself, I strongly and passionately urge the people around me to do so. For now, that is how I do my part as an American.

Happy election day to you all! No matter what happens tonight, life will go on and we will all be alright.  Hillary or not, we are definitely better together. #imwithher


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