Day 6: 6 gifts to give your significant other when you’re not sure if you’re actually dating

We’ve all been in that weird gray area, where we’re not sure how serious our relationship is with the person or persons we’re seeing. This is especially difficult around birthdays and holidays because… Well, what do you get that special someone who might not actually be that special? Here are some ideas:

  1. Keychain – This is a totally non-committal and easy gift. You can even get a personalized one at a truck stop. However, if you’re dating in the ‘gray zone’ chances are that you’re a millennial and seeing a millennial. Nothing wrong with that, but this means they very well may have an unconventional name spelling. Nothing says “saw this and thought of you, though I’m totally not thinking about you all the time” like a wooden keychain with their name misspelled because your S.O. has an unconventional spelling of their name. But hey, not your fault her parents named her Ashleighe.
  2. Coffee Mug – You don’t even have to spend money on this, you can totally steal one of these from your office! If your cuddle buddy is confused/unamused, just say it’s a “white elephant” gift. Maybe the mug reads: “World’s Best Dad”- That’s so cute! So hilarious! But also noncommittally meaning that maybe one day you hope he could commit to being your Baby Daddy.
  3. Baked Goods – Everyone loves homemade baked goods! Plus, it’s a subtle way of expressing that you can cook/bake and how good of husband/wife material that you are. Just make sure to figure out if they have a gluten allergy. Or nut allergy. But if you don’t know if they have a nut allergy, then that probably answers the question if you’re in a serious relationship or not yet.
  4. Starbucks gift card – A great last-minute gift that fits anyone! You can also write cute messages on it like “Hope you get some drinks to keep you warm- but just remember on these cold winter nights that no one can keep you warm like I can.”
  5. Shot glass – Maybe your partner doesn’t drink, but what’s more classic than a cute collectible shot-glass? You can even get one that has the name of the city they live in, as a gentle reminder that you do, in fact, know where they live.
  6. Plant – A great way to figure out if your fling thing is going to make it to the having kids stage because hey, if they can keep a plant alive, they can keep a baby alive. Or maybe the plant will wither up and die, just like your relationship!

Happy Holidays!

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