Day 9: Music to Wrap to

I’m gifting you all some music so I don’t have to wrap anything.

Because wrapping gifts is such bullshit am I right!?

Especially if you’re like me, and you wait until the last minute to wrap everything, the paper stays on the gifts for a grand total of what, 24 hours? All before being savagely torn to shreds by your family and loved ones and then unceremoniously thrown into the garbage. Really, though, this is all just a ploy to get me out of wrapping gifts. I’m bad at it, I never do it, I’m the queen of throwing things in bags, and I’ve been using the same roll of paper for years now and no one’s noticed.

About the only thing that gets me through the tradition is listening to music. I don’t wrap that many gifts, and I can’t make it through a whole album in a wrapping session, so I like to pick an EP and throw that on while I wrap.

So I’m sharing 5 new EPs for you to wrap all your holiday cheer to, depending on your mood and the kind of motivation you need. Cheers!


SHAED ‘Just Wanna See’

For when you know you nailed all your gift choices and you just need a soundtrack as colorful as your wrapping paper

I know, for whatever reason, there’s been an influx of “bands with all capitalized names spelled slightly wrong,” but I’m here to tell you that SHAED (pronounced “shade”) is going to shatter all your expectations. Anything but typical, the trio, fronted by vocal powerhouse Chelsea Lee and supported by producers/vocalists/twins Max and Spencer Ernst, has made a name for themselves creating colorful, sultry, and bold music. SHAED toured with Marian Hill and Verite earlier in the year, played a show for Red Bull Sound Select (which was oh so impressive), and recorded a set with Spotify, featuring a cover of The Weeknd’s “Starboy” which further cements the promise of an exciting year to come. Actually, I’m absolutely positive they’ll give me more to blog about in 2017, and cheers to that! 


Ruelle ‘Madness’

For if you need to feel like a hero overcoming great obstacles to reach your end goal.

“Madness” is powerful and brooding EP, combining slightly electronic undercurrents, deep bass, and shadowy vocals for a stunning, if not slightly urgent, set of songs. Ruelle’s music has (appropriately) been featured on TV shows like Revenge, Scream, and Sleepy Hollow, and the combination of beautiful and haunting in her music will simultaneously lift you up and make you wrap every gift with the fervency of a protagonist who can just barely see the end of their quest coming into focus.


MishCatt ‘Highlighter’

For if you want to wear glitter and highlight your whole face and dance like a maniac

If you love that real distinct (and wildly popular) type of Swedish-Indie-Pop-Tronica that’s surfaced in the last few years, you’ll love MishCatt. Although she comes from Costa Rica, she went to Sweden and produced her EP with Pontus Winnberg, who’s part of this band you might know called Miike Snow *cough cough*. The EP has a highly textured, shiny, spacey-pop sheen and comprises 6 original songs, plus a beautiful alternate version of “Another Dimension” which helps to showcase her  


Sofi Tukker ‘Soft Animals’

For if you need to pretend like you’re dancing at a sandy beachside club somewhere in Brazil.

Sofi Tukker isn’t actually from Brazil but their music is a expertly interpreted form of “dancey jungle pop” that has the power to mentally transport you to any warmer, sandier escape you can imagine. The duo references a number of Portuguese and Brazilian poets, musical traditions, and instruments throughout the EP–  “Matadora” is their interpretation of a poem by Brazilian author Charcal (in Portuguese). It’s a stunning and cultural experience, and the steady tempo of every song will have you moving steadily from the first gift down to the last stocking stuffer. 


The Happy Fits ‘Awfully Apeelin”

For if you’re just plain happy

The Happy Fits mission is to “inspire positive social change through the power that is jiggy music.” Jiggy. Music. I almost feel like I don’t even need to say anything else about them, I mean, if you’re in that mood where absolutely nothing can bring you down or dampen your spirits, this is the ideal soundtrack to your life. A perfect balance between grungy garage rock and shiny indie folk, “Awfully Apeelin'” is a complete high from start to finish. The plucky cello and guitar combination paired with a definite youthful enthusiasm will have you smiling, even though you’re stuck wrapping gifts, which we’ve established is your least favorite thing to do.


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