Little Thoughts

Sometimes I can put words together in a sentence that I like. Here are some below. Take a peek.

She could not remember how it felt, to have a body that was not touched by him.

We all need a little trouble from time to time. Or we might forget that we are alive.

You left me bruised, beaten, and barely breathing. My skin is red and bloody and broken. But as it gets more raw, I am slowly shedding who I was when I was with you.

He probably no longer uses my sheets. Now they wouldn’t even smell like me. Instead, they are laced with sweat from another. He is forgetting me in every thrust and moan of the name of some other.

Sometimes late at night, I will curl my body around a pillow and pretend it is you. And even though I know it won’t answer, I whisper conversations just the way we used to.

I fought, clawed, and dug myself out of the lonely to be with you. Funny that now I have to fight and claw and dig myself out of the lonely because of you.

Sick stomach and red eyed- how we take for granted restful insides.

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