Jacob Banks – Monday Morning Music

I hadn’t heard of Jacob Banks before I stepped into the Constellation Room early last night to catch LEON live. But what I walked into was one of the most soulful performances I’ve ever witnessed. Banks’ voice hushed the young crowd and entranced the entire audience, it was powerful but in a sensitive way and you had no choice but to stand and listen, scooping your jaw up off the floor every now and again.

Even though he introduced himself and said, “I’m about to sing you some really depressing songs,” you didn’t feel like being sad, listening to him. Instead you felt oddly empowered, like regardless of how trapped you are in the problems life throws at you, there’s a little bit of hope, a little bit of beauty, and a silver lining around the storm life sometimes is.

Jacob Banks is currently touring with LEON, and if you’re in any of the cities left, I (obviously) recommend snagging a ticket to a show. LEON also puts on quite the show, so it’s a win win win for everyone involved!

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