“Bad Decisions (DEVO Remix)” by Two Door Cinema Club – Remix Wednesday

It was hard to miss the late summer 2016 disco-hit “Bad Decisions” by Two Door Cinema Club. It was the perfect way to wind down a long, hot summer, and get one last wiggle in before fall hit.

So naturally, I was surprised when I saw the song come up on my Release Radar again. Upon closer inspection, however, I saw a name tagged on that made me do a, “Wait.. That’s… Yeah. The ‘Whip It’ people? Yeah, the ‘Whip It’ people… DEVO.” Yes, DEVO came back in all their 80s-infused synth-phoric funk to remix “Bad Decisions.”

And if you believed that the original “Bad Decisions” was a disco-ball dance floor filler before, well, then, you better get your sunglasses and jumpsuits on because DEVO has gone full blitz on this track. It’s not a complete departure from the original, but it elevates the Bee Gee-80s Bowie-Prince aspirations of TDCC’s “Gameshow” to a level that all of our parents can nostalgically appreciate. Just a little more synth, a little more guitar, and a little bit more energy.

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