A Letter to Female Readers

Dear lovely female readers,

Prior to graduating from college and entering the working world I had never experienced real sexism. I don’t think it really exists in school. But in the past (almost) two years since, I have become all too familiar with this disturbing reality. At first I thought I was being overly sensitive, but after talking to my fellow lady-coworkers, my thoughts and feelings have been validated. I am not alone.

Unfortunately, the architecture industry (and many others) is still disappointingly male-dominant. I’m almost always outnumbered in meetings. Men make unnecessary comments when I wear high heels or red lipstick. Let’s just note that I wear these things because they make ME feel good, and for no other reason. Anyway, the system is built for men to succeed and women to fail. Women who wish to be mothers must sacrifice their career dreams and aspirations to have children. Even working moms, despite their valiant efforts to hold on to their careers, seem to plateau at a certain point because they run out of bandwidth to dedicate to work.

My purpose for this point is not to complain, but rather to extend some positive words to my lady-readers. Like the women in my life that I look up to that inspire and encourage me, I hope to encourage you.

Feminism is not about women being better than men. Feminism is about women being equal to men. It is about empowering women to realize that they can do everything men can do. It’s about recognizing that women and men are inherently different, and that different is beautiful.

Our gender does not define us. As long as we are kind and genuine, we can be whoever we want and do whatever we want. Remember: being different is beautiful.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Josefine, a proud Woman


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