Top 5 New Music Friday 3.31.2017

Spring has started to sprang and springtime music is getting sprung! Here are my top picks from this week’s New Music Friday, comin’ at you hot for the weekend!

Billie Eilish “Bored”

Billie Eilish, who Billboard just called “Pop’s Most Impressive 15 Year Old,” could easily just be one of pop’s most impressive new faces. She first wowed us with her debut, “Ocean Eyes” and has only continued to ride the ethereal indie pop wave since. Her newest release, part of the soundtrack for the new Netflix Original “13 Reasons Why,” is a beautiful and heart-wrenching addition to the soundtrack, also featuring songs by Selena Gomez, Joy Division, and Lord Huron.

Oh Wonder “Ultralife”

Long awaited and oh so worth every second. Oh Wonder comes back with this utterly adorable pop masterpiece, as is typical of Oh Wonder, but “Ultralife” is set apart by a new, more upbeat, pop-infused sheen. It’ll stick with you long after you’re done listening!

JR JR “Same Dark Places”

If we’re being honest, I have a real big soft spot for happy-sounding-but-actually-pretty-sad songs. JR JR nails it with “Same Dark Places,” touching on those dark and depressing moments everyone has in their lives but masking it with some bouncy drums and a song songy melody. Because at the end of the day, sometimes you just have to put on a smile and face it, right? (This was also featured in the Netflix Original “13 Reasons Why”!)

Argonaut & Wasp “Paradise”

Argonaut & Wasp has been on every “groove” playlist I think I’ve ever created and it’s so exciting to see them back on the #NMF lists. “Paradise” does not disappoint– it’s the perfect addition to your weekend’s space age bachelor pad playlist.

Conner Youngblood + Nylo “Everyday”

I’ve had a huge music crush on Conner Youngblood ever since I had a chance to see him live at Bardot Hollywood’s School Night, and his 2016 “The Generation of Lift” was basically on repeat for every beautiful sunny Southern California afternoon. His music invokes light and happier times, and it makes you want to go outside, like real bad. “Everyday” has the added touch of a Nylo’s decidedly feminine voice which only adds to the gentle and airy feel of the music.

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