Moonchild – Monday Morning Music

I’m almost positive that none of us need to be reminded that it’s Monday morning. It doesn’t all have to be bad though, and in the spirit of my newfound springtime optimism, I think we can turn Monday mornings into something, dare I say, enjoyable?

As proof of this theory, I have a perfect Monday morning band to offer you. They’re called Moonchild, a trio of musicians from Los Angeles, and their music heals the soul.  All I can say about Moonchild overall is that they sound so lovely you’ll have no choice but to smile and click away at the keyboard happily when they’re on. You won’t even flinch when you get that angry ALL CAPS EMAIL ASKING FOR SOMETHING YOU ALREADY SENT THEM from the client you stayed late for on Friday. It’s that buttery smooth.

It’s a new week and the possibilities are endless– let’s get started on the right foot, people!

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