“Fireflies (smle Remix)” Owl City – Remix Wednesday

I was in the Echoplex (aka the basement of The Echo) waiting for Elohim to come on. There was a DJ duo on stage kind of tearing it up. I was about to excuse myself to go use the bathroom or something, and then suddenly, something amazing happened. As I was walking away, I heard it. Is that… could it be? It surely isn’t… Here? Now? In this day and age?

Oh, but it was.

smle (the aforementioned DJs on stage) dropped this track on all of us, and we were emotionally unprepared. I mean, c’mon, when was the last time you were getting ready to dance your face off and Owl City comes on? And you wanted to not only scream every lyric (“THAT PLANET EAAAAARTH TURNS SLOOOOOOOWLYYYYY”) but also dance?

Let’s be honest, any excuse to listen to anything from Owl City’s 2009 “Ocean Eyes” is a good excuse, and as a native Minnesotan I am also morally obligated to point out every time someone from Minnesota is relevant. So I’d like to extend a huge thanks to smle for making this remix (even if it is 2 years old on their SoundCloud) and let us just be happy this day that people like Owl City exist, ok? (They also get the award for favorite Twitter account).

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