Top 5 New Music Friday 4.14.2017

It’s time for the weekend, and I don’t know about all of you but this holiday weekend it’s time to wind down and do absolutely as little as possible for 48 sweet, sweet hours. One of the few things I will enjoy is some good music, though, and I’ve chosen my top 5 new songs for you to consider for your weekend wind down playlists.


We’ve been patiently waiting for new PWR BTM since their 2015 release of “Ugly Cherry” and this year has brought in a slew of singles and the announcement of their upcoming album “Pageant” (May 12!). Their wild and howling tunes paired with eclectic and grungy guitar are the perfect solution to any dull situation. It’s not just punk, it’s queer punk.

MISSIO “KDV ft. Shug”

KDV = Killing Darth Vader. What’s hidden from the title is that he kills Darth Vader with his motherfucking kick drum. A motherfucking kick drum. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but this song is intense, dark, and reminiscent of loud nights dancing under neon strobes. The verse from Shug is short but sweet and perfectly timed and in tune with the whole KDV thing. I just get the feeling this is an appropriate place to say, “Oh fuck yeah!”

Flint Eastwood “Slipping Away”

You know you’ve made it as an artist when you Google “Flint Eastwood” and it doesn’t ask you if you meant “Clint Eastwood.” And for good reason; Flint Eastwood has been making waves with her edgy ethereal pop music, gainingg her access to some of the most established producers and collaborators in the business. “Slipping Away” is a single from her freshest EP, “Broke Royalty,” released on Neon Gold Records and featuring artists Tunde Olaniran and funky electro pop phenom GRiZ.


Grace Mitchell “NOW”

I regularly feel something sad and mysterious and confident about Grace Mitchell’s music, like bad things are happening but the best you can do in a bad situation is just own it and dance until you feel better. It’s a stunning combination, really.

Jimi Charles Moody “Only You”

A beautiful way to wind down a hectic week. I’ve proclaimed my love for the ever-elusive Jimi Charles on here before, and I will never stop. His voice is like ear-butter and every song he releases is a sweet, sweet surprise.

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