Top 5 New Music Friday 4.21.2017

With everyone at Coachella round 2 this weekend, maybe Record Store Day won’t be a total clusterfuck? I know, I know, it’s really wishful thinking, but at least I’m still thinking. Which, sometimes at the end of a work week, is all you can be thankful for. Have some music, the world is time for weekend.


Songhoy Blues “Bamako”

I accidentally first saw Songhoy Blues opening for Aurora at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles almost two years ago. The Bootleg is this tiny little theater and I think when they played there were maybe like, 20 people there. But the cool thing about it was they filled the entire room with so much sound that every single person was dancing at least a little. And they were dancing on the stage, too. And it was this wonderful, energetic, soulful dance party. I’ve been totally taken by all their music ever since, and it’s been so exciting to follow them into the mainstream.

Jacob Banks “Mercy”

I’ve shared my deep affection for Jacob Banks before, and today he released his emotionally charged, powerful “The Boy Who Cried Freedom.” Featuring the singles “Unholy War” and “Chainsmoking” and supported by three new releases (“Mercy,” “Part Time Love,” and “Photograph”), “The Boy Who Cried Freedom” is a real emotional trip from start to finish. It’s all topped off by the booming buttery voice of Jacob Banks and a jazzy bluesy weathered finish that’ll leave you with some splinters but a lot of new love for the world.

NoMBe + New Mystics “Can’t Catch Me”

A fantastically fun, Pharrell-approved, new single from NoMBe is like taking some roller skates down a water slide with your poodle skirt on. A high energy, driving guitar line and the vocals of both NoMBe and New Mystics makes “Can’t Catch Me” easily the most colorful release of the week, and one that’s perfect for the a weekend with the promise of summer on the nearing horizon.

Waxahatchee “Silver”

I’ve been on this noise-pop-lo fi-grunge-punk music type kick lately and I might have let out an audible squeal when Waxahatchee showed up on my release radar. While there’s never a bad time for this lofi indie rock queen, all I’m saying is that right now is a really especially good time for her. Listen up!

Yoke Lore “Only You”

The perfect amalgam of soft and hard-hitting, gentle and aggressive, and floating and grounded. What I’m trying to say is: I found your perfect weekend bummer-fun jam.

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